University of Alberta Crypto Student Group has first official meeting

The Crypto Club (or may be named the Blockchain Association in the future) had its very first formal meeting on January 16, 2018. 10 members were in attendance, of 18 members who have signed on to join. The group went over a variety of topics outlined in the minutes below, and intends to register the group officially, very soon. 1

Call to order

A meeting of The Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Group/The Crypto Club was held at DICE Building on January 16, 2018.


Attendees included Reed Sutton, Raafay Tariq, Joe Dang, Mark Pekar, Robin Park, Spencer Shupe, Gonzalo Rubio, Raymond Sarinas, Melissa Doroteo, Jacob Wong.

Members not in attendance

Members not in attendance included Matthew Pietrosanu, Laura Petrich, Taleana Huff, Matthew Sheldrake, Sophie Shi.

Agenda items

  1. ICEBREAKER – All went around the room and stated name, faculty/degree, and what got them interested in cryptocurrency.
  2. Overview of constitution
    • Drafted by RS and JD
    • Mission statement + goals of the group reviewed
    • Public education vs. within-group development
    • Open to any affiliated with university (alumni, etc)
    • Types of membership and divisions of standing.
    • Committees – formation and purpose
  3. Discussion of issues and challenges so far
    • Logistics of managing crypto funds
    • Where to store hard wallet
    • Brainstorming project ideas
    • ICO research / due diligence meetups
    • Mock crypto investing (NOT with real funds) – need a platform..
    • Bitcoin atm – – UofCalgary already purchasing and negotiating placement on campus.
    • Host a blockchain themed hackathon
  4. Fundraising ideas
    • Copytrading services (investy, blockport, covesting) – require startup cashflow
    • Consulting / education (eg. – also longer term
    • Public on campus education events (charge non-members to attend)
    • Standard fundraising – bake sales, bbq
    • Bitcoin and other themed cookies for example
    • Selling cryptocurrency themed socks or other paraphernalia on website?
  5. Discussion of Executive roles and responsibilities
    • Self-nominations - Reed=president, Joe=vice-president, Gonzalo=VP events
    • Imperative: need a VP Finance / treasurer

Action items

  1. ALL to let Reed/Joe know if any mistakes or clarifications in the constitution
  2. EXECUTIVE to decide on what percentage attendance required to attain ‘gold’ standing
  3. EXECUTIVE to meet again with SGS and provide clarifications regarding cryptocurrency
  4. ALL to decide when and how often to regularly meet for ICO evaluations
  5. EXECUTIVE to research and consult with CS majors re. difficulty of creating a mock investing software.
  6. ALL to contact Reed if interested in executive position and send CV.
  7. EXECUTIVE to set date for next meeting

Meeting ajourned at 1 hour.