UABCA was founded in January 2018 by a passionate group of graduate students. The group was established to be a vehicle for blockchain and cryptocurrency education, events, projects, and collaborations.

UABCA core members actively meet at least bi-weekly to discuss group development, and for ‘Token Club’ (a crypto themed version of journal club).

Some of UABCA’s goals for 2018 include:

  • Reach at least 50 members.
  • Establish collaborative relationships with crypto clubs at other universities in Canada and the United States.
  • Establish at least two sponsor relationships
  • Hold at least 5 formal events, including public educational seminars
  • Connect with established experts who can speak to UABCA
  • Develop and maintain an informative and valuable newsletter

Longer term goals (in development still) include:

  • Reach 150 members
  • Establish a curriculum for students to learn how to develop blockchain technology (possibly in partnership with other groups)
  • Successfully manage and grow a cryptocurrency fund, to provide financial capital for the group.
  • Establish mutually beneficial faculty relationships
  • Host 10 events per year, with >50 attendees at each
  • Funding gold members to attend blockchain conferences to further develop knowledge that can be recirculated back to all members

All UABCA asks of its member is that they:

  1. Have a genuine interest in blockchain and cryptographic technologies
  2. Make an effort to learn more about blockchain, by taking some of the available, free courses
  3. Strive to contribute to the groups committees, projects and/or events ·